The accounting and tax information are very important to business. Especially businesses that have to present information to the Ministry of Commerce and the Revenue Department. The taxation must related to accounting and finance. The practice of the law has many rules and conditions which related to executives direct, accountants and other parties. Therefore in conducting business that company needs to have a correct accounting system and tax planning. In order for the relevant parties to abide as guidelines for their work to reduce various issues that may occur which may cause damage and affect the company’s operations in the future.

Scope of service

  • Provide advisory regarding your accounting and taxation matters
  • Prepare information to answer tax matters to the revenue department once company got tax refund.
  • Accounting system and document design of the business
  • Suggest accounting software that is suitable for each type of business
  • Plan for effective tax collection in order to pay taxes correctly and as efficiently as possible
  • To prepare documents in advance to response the questions once tax audit from Revenue Department officer